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Dr. O.P. Gupta

Law as a profession has always attracted the youth who are i n search of adventurous career where one can make a mar kin the society. Sardar Patel Law College
has a strong focus on academic excellence. We believe in giving the power of knowledge to all our students. SPLC provides a fertile ground for flowering the poteritial of being an efficient and eminent lawyer &Jurist.

We are committed to make our students competent to face any challenge in their professional and behavioural aspect of life. We recognise the importance of all round
developrnent of students, both rnental and physical and, therefore, ensures that sufficient infrastructure and opportunities are available for the students in this regard.

Our team at SP LC is highly dedicated towards its objectives of rna king SPLC a better place for the students of legal education. I am sure, you would be extremely satisfied with your decision to join this college.

I extend nny heartiest welcome to all the students to the new acadernic session.


Dr. O.P. Gupta, EAFM,B.Admn.)
M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., MBA

Secretary– Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Sikshan Sansthan
and Managing Committee-”SPLC”

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