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Dr. O.P. Mahendra

The objective of a law college is to provide legal education which draws its resources and knowledge from wide variety of interdisciplinary field so that it is not just restricted to any one knowledge source. SPLC strives to achieve this objectives and is in the incessant process of upgrading, updating and replenishing its curriculum and activities so as to achieve high class standards in legal education.

It is our endeavor, not only to train students and equip them well to practice law, but also to transform them into creative problem-solvers capable of assisting in improving the legal system. Our Students are motivated to be high achievers and true team players and we give them remarkable freedom of action to nurture and equip themselves to lead complex organisations in a crossfunctional environment.

I am confident that the students who seek admission in this college would be able to fulfill their ambition of getting high quality of legal education. I offer my best wishes to take the collegeto the height of academic excellence.
take the collegeto the height of academic excellence.

Dr. O.P. Mahendra,Ph.D.
Ex. Govt. Deputy Chief Whip,
Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha

President – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Sikshan Sansthan
and Managing Committee-”SPLC”

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